Stories of beginning life and a medical career in Finland

Beginning life and a medical career in Finland

We often get asked the question, what’s it like living in Finland?
As we are all individuals, there are many reasons why we each like living in Finland and what form everyday life takes.

Enjoying my work as a hammaslääkäri (dental professional)

Madara came to Finland to continue her career as a dentist and finds more to love about the country every day. Watch the video to learn more about her story.

When we talked with Madara about her experience in Finland, she had this to say:

“I really enjoy working conditions in Finland with high-quality health care. It is very easy to work with professional dental assistants and good administration.“

“I have new friends from my workplace. My colleagues are very helpful and pleasant people.”

“The biggest benefit is the experience you get as it differs from country to country, therefore it is a possibility to combine the best of both worlds and take some tips and tricks and use it. Basically, that is an opportunity for individuals to broaden the mind by learning language, meeting new people, learning about the culture.”


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Tarun is a radiologist who also came to work in Finland, read his story here.


MEDI Connection offers Medical Finnish language courses, which help you to develop the communication skills and other necessary tools to open the door to employment in the Finnish healthcare sector.

For those who have trained and gained their qualifications in the EU/EEA, we provide an international recruitment service, which creates a clear path to support foreign healthcare professionals in settling down in Finland and adapting to Finnish working life.

We also have a short presentation created to inform medical professionals of the opportunities available in Finnish healthcare.

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