Want to work in Finland but haven’t yet begun learning the language? We teach vocabulary relevant to your practice as well as provide important information about the healthcare system.
Already having basic conversational skills, we can explore more of everyday life working in health care, including the procedure for appointments, information systems, and legislation.
We further your knowledge of working in Finnish healthcare, including improving patient communication skills to interview with empathy and reviewing medical history.

Medical Finnish language courses

As a healthcare professional, you’re surely excited to live and work in Finland. However, it might be challenging to reach the language level required to get the medical job you want. To help you, we have designed our Suomea Sairaalaympäristössä language courses to develop your medical language skills quickly.

Who can benefit from our courses?

International medical professionals and students: These language courses will improve your Finnish level, provide medical terminology, and will substantially develop your communication skills to get you more job opportunities and accelerate your career.

Why study online?

  • Freedom to choose: you decide when and what you learn to suit your schedule
  • Better time management: you have analytics to understand where you should focus your time
  • Support when it’s needed: you can reach out to teachers through messaging or by leaving comments and questions during the course activities

We’ve developed these language courses based on our knowledge of Finnish healthcare and the extensive experience of Dr. Pia- Maria Päiviö, a well renowned Finnish language professor. MEDI Connection delivers language courses through the online learning platform Claned, which provides an environment for immersive study in online learning.

About the courses

Our Suomea Sairaalaympäristössä courses are tailored to help doctors, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, and interns deepen their knowledge of the Finnish healthcare system.
The curriculum helps students internalize grammar, spoken and written language, medical terminology, as well as improve interaction skills. These features make Suomea sairaalaympäristössä a genuinely engaging and collaborative environment to learn one of the most challenging languages, Finnish, quickly.

Each of three online courses includes reading, speaking, listening, and writing exercises as well as information about Finland and Finnish culture. During online lessons, you will talk and learn Finnish with the guidance of a Finnish teacher in the virtual classroom with other students. All necessary grammar and vocabulary materials will be available on Claned anytime for you to practice.

In our Finnish language courses, you’ll find videos of fundamental language use which helps you to learn Finnish faster and easier. Most of the exercises are self-correcting, but there are also exercises that are corrected and commented on by a teacher. Most of the reading materials are in the form of a dialogue, to make the language use as authentic as possible. In the advanced courses, you will find more formal texts and everyday conversations, combined with more specific language and operating models needed in the healthcare sector.

Along with a collection of extra materials about the Finnish language and culture, you will effortlessly spend 8 hours a week learning Finnish.

How to register

The full or combined duration of our courses is 1 year and you can pay for them in a single payment or monthly installments.
If you wish to take all of the courses from start to finish, you can send a contact form request to discuss a complete programme package discount or monthly rate.

Select the name of any of our courses for start dates, lesson times and learn about the unique content before making a purchase through our online store: