Meet Tarun – Some Stories

Meet Tarun - Some Stories

Tarun is a radiologist who came to Finland to continue his career.

Irja and Tapio of MEDI Connection supported him and his family through the process of moving from Latvia to Finland. “Their reception was a positive experience.”

MEDI Connection provided language training, preparation for the YKI test, and guidance through residence permit applications and medical licensing. Also, Tarun gained more confidence to work independently and broadened his skillset as all Finnish healthcare employees are entitled to free continuing medical education, which includes seminars.

A year after starting their language training, following their meeting in Finland in 2015, Tarun and his family moved to Finland, where he enjoys the sparsely populated country’s natural beauty and well-organized cities. Also, he appreciates the straight-talking but open-minded and friendly people he meets.

Learn more in the video below:

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Madara is a dentist who also came to work in Finland, read her story here.


MEDI Connection offers Medical Finnish language courses, which help you to develop communication skills and other necessary tools to open the door to employment in the Finnish healthcare sector.

For those who have trained and gained their qualifications in the EU/EEA, we provide an international recruitment service, which creates a clear path to support foreign healthcare professionals in settling down in Finland and adapting to Finnish working life.

We also have a short presentation created to inform medical professionals of the opportunities available in Finnish healthcare.

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