Learning Finnish by feeling the rhythm

Learning Finnish by feeling the rhythm

Living in another country and learning a new language can be challenging to a person who likes to learn more with all their senses, especially with hearing.

Sensing the environment and hearing the rhythm are essential parts of your learning. Music can then support the cramming of grammar that feels heavy at times and rhythmatize language learning. There is a lot of fun wordplay in the Finnish language that, when found, can make it easier to learn.

Finnish karaoke

Finnish people love karaoke! And luckily, there is now an app available that uses music to support your language learning. Lyrics training is a competitive app for learning languages, and you can also find Finnish there. It encourages listening comprehension through music videos.

The idea of the app is to listen to (and hopefully sing along with) music videos and fill in the “Gaps” as the lyrics light up at the bottom. You can either type in the answers or use multiple choice. If you have missed a word, then the song will stop until you give the right answer. Incorrect answers count as fails, and correct answers as hits. You can follow your progress in gaps being, for example, 14/79, and attempt to beat your previous scores and climb up the leaderboard if you so wish. If you need to hear a section of the song again, you can use the back arrow, and it will rewind a little bit. You can choose from beginner (fill 10% of the lyrics) to intermediate (25%), advanced (50%), or the Expert game mode where you must fill them all in!

However, the best thing about this program is that while in Finland you can easily blend in with the local population in karaoke ?

You can find more information about the service and the app by following the link below: https://lyricstraining.com/fi/

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Where to start with Finnish artists?

We gathered Finnish artists from different genres among the employees of MEDI Connection. From these, you might find yourself a new favorite artist or use playlists, for example, to try to discover performers of a similar genre that interests you.

Artist Genre Notes
Jean Sibelius Classical Composer of Finlandia
Ville Valo ja Agents Pop Nostalgic Finnish pop with a twist of former HIM singer (No slang)
Pauli Hanhiniemen perunateatteri Pop/rock Very good articulation
Aili Ikonen Jazz Very good articulation
Tehosekoitin Pop/rock
Chisu Pop
Paula Vesala Pop
Haloo Helsinki Pop/rock
CMX Rock
Zen Café Pop/rock
Eppu Normaali Rock
Maj karma Rock
Stamina Heavy metal
J.Karjalainen Pop
Ellinoora Pop
Pyhimys Rap
Sielun Veljet Rock
Kolmas Nainen Pop
Sir Elwoodin Hiljaiset värit Pop/rock
Klamydia Punk
Apulanta Punk
Arttu Wiskari Pop
Behm Pop
Hevisaurus Heavy metal Children’s band
Cheek Rap
Jukka Poika Reggae
Antti Tuisku Pop
Lordi Hard rock/heavy metal Won the Eurovision song contest 2006

We hope you enjoy these whether while traveling alone by public transport or sharing the tones of our lovely language with your friends at dinner.

We offer private Finnish lessons if you would like assistance with any aspect of the language that you need a little extra help with.

If you are in the medical profession, we provide Medical Finnish language courses that not only teach you the vocabulary, grammar and prepare you for the YKI test but additionally all necessary information to prepare you for working in Finnish healthcare facilities.