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Speaking while inhaling – what is that?

Have you ever heard someone speaking while they are breathing in? That’s called ingressive speech. [...]

Oddities in Finnish – Joo ei: Finland’s yeah no

Positive and negative answers are some of the very first words you learn when studying [...]

Learning Finnish by feeling the rhythm

Living in another country and learning a new language can be challenging to a person [...]

5 tips on how to prepare yourself for an YKI (Finnish Language proficiency) test

To apply for a job or admission for education, you demonstrate your fluency with the [...]

Medical Finnish – Understanding your patients

In the Finnish language, there are many ways to describe pain. As a healthcare professional, [...]

Why snow is wonderful

Snow (lumi) might be seen as an inconvenience for some, but we love it here [...]

Oddities in Finnish – The many meanings of Sika

We often get the question; is Finnish a difficult language to learn? We would say [...]

Finnish teacher’s tips for reading

Reading is quite a simple way to practice language skills. As we live in a [...]

Tips for studying Finnish comprehensively

When studying a new language, it’s essential to practice all the language skills. As a [...]

Is Finnish difficult or just different?

Instead of difficult, Finnish could be better described as different. Difficulty very much depends on [...]