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Speaking while inhaling – what is that?

Have you ever heard someone speaking while they are breathing in? That’s called ingressive speech. [...]

Day of Finnish Identity

Suomalaisuuden päivä, suomalaisuus meaning Finnishness, is the day of Finnish identity celebrated on the 12th [...]

Mother’s Day in Finland

The 10th of May means Mother’s Day for most of the world this year (2020), [...]

Vappu – May Day in Finland

About a month after Palm Sunday and the Finnish custom of Virvonta/Virpominen (Act of refreshment [...]

Living in Finland – 5 tips to put down roots

I’ve been living in Finland for over seven years, and moving from one country to [...]

3 Work-life Balance Facts in Finland

I have to admit, my transition from working in England to Finland wasn’t smooth. Although [...]

Why move to Finland?

When deciding where to move to in the world, Finland may not be the first [...]

Finnish Sauna – the history and health benefits

The importance of visiting the sauna in Finland cannot be overstated. Learn more about the [...]

Water in Finland purest in the world

Easy access to the world's purest drinking water. An excellent reason to visit or be [...]

Happy Finland keeps its smile in 2019

Happy to be named the happiest country for another year. Finland continues to smile on [...]