Water in Finland purest in the world

On March 22nd, we celebrate World Water Day. For 2022, the theme is ‘groundwater’.
Each year, we become more globally aware by learning more about water-related issues and are inspired to tell others, and act to make a difference.

There is water everywhere in Finland, hence it’s common to hear it called the land of a thousand lakes. Also, according to studies by UNICEF and UNESCO, it is some of the purest in the world.

Water is one of the best reasons to visit

Water is a very important element for Finns, who simply enjoy life beside it. Fishing, sailing, and cooling down after visiting the sauna are traditional but they also enjoy flyboarding and other more stimulating activities.

Pure water is part of everyday life in Finland

Drinking tap water is a privilege Finns get to enjoy on a daily basis. Finland’s tap water is among the highest quality in the world and is not only completely safe but a pleasure to drink. In Finland, tap water has been found to be significantly cleaner than bottled water. You can drink tap water everywhere. You can also fill your own bottles with clean and refreshing spring water for free, as many locals do. For example, In Kristiinankaupunki (a small town in Vaasa), the local water tap runs freely without freezing 365 days a year at a steady temperature of 4 degrees Celsius.

One of the freshwater sources. In Haukkala, Jyväskylä.

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