Why move to Finland?

When deciding where to move to in the world, Finland may not be the first place that comes to mind. That said, I think that’s really only because people don’t know much about the country. Although Finland appears more and more often in international news, I thought I’d do some research to give you reasons to consider making Finland your future home.

Reasons to move to Finland

There’s a list with links below but I thought I’d also put this information together as a handy infographic:

Reasons why you should move to Finland, which include various achievements in public services for the country.

Are there any other reasons worth noting?

Continued effort towards true gender equality and the lowest police per capita (2017) in the EU could also explain why the Finnish population is so content with their way of life.

If you still need convincing

Watch this video by Business Finland which explains why the decision is a no-brainer:

Where to start

Our online language courses provide a perfect platform for medical professionals to pursue a career in Finland:

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Featured image by Roine Piirainen on Kuvia Suomesta