Medical Finnish, how it differs from other courses.

Working as a healthcare professional requires, other than knowledge of medicine, a wide range of communication skills. The patient groups are varied and above all, every patient is different.

As a doctor, you must listen to and truly understand as the patient describes how they are feeling. You need to also be able to communicate with them, whether they are speaking with an accent, in another dialect, or as an ex-pat or child who is still learning the language. Individual descriptive words usually form the basis of a diagnosis. In the worst-case scenario, if the caregiver doesn’t recognize them then the wrong treatment may be provided.

As we all know, working in the healthcare sector might sometimes be hectic. Strong language skills will ensure that even while under pressure, you will be able to operate as a medical professional. Besides caring for patients and before you can begin working, you will need to learn the workplace practices, laws and regulations, which are necessary to follow. Also, you will need to learn to use the software used by the medical facilities, such as their patient record system.

Communicating in another language brings its own challenges, especially in a digital future where telemedicine is becoming more common. In this case, the caregiver and the patient can’t read each other’s body language, instead, the diagnosis is based purely on verbal communication. You will need to be fluent in both spoken and written Finnish to cope in various healthcare situations and text should be written clearly so that patients can also understand it.

In addition to basic language skills, with MEDI Connection’s Suomea Sairaalaympäristössä / Medical Finnish language courses we teach those skills and operating models which are required for proper communication and interaction in the healthcare profession.

When you combine the confidence you get from developing a broad vocabulary with the knowledge of how to work as part of a team in a medical environment, this gives you the perfect platform for entering the Finnish healthcare system.

And don’t forget we are here to help and support you through the whole process.

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