Medical Finnish – Analytics Assist

Why studying online can be more effective

We often receive questions from our students about why they should study online and is it really as effective as studying in a classroom. Suomea Sairaalaympäristössä aims to utilize several different digital tools to support learning. In addition to traditional online classroom teaching and assignments, new analytics, and the benefits of artificial intelligence have been introduced to help students.

Analytics is an essential tool in reviewing your progress. Not only can you look back to see how far you’ve come, but also where you need to spend more time studying.

I would encourage you to Rate Content for all the activities because this information is then available in Analytics to help your teachers and also yourself when reviewing where your current strengths and weaknesses are. If not asked at the end of an activity, you can find the option in the top-right of the learning interface.

Where can I find Analytics?

The Analytics tab is easy to find at the end of the row of tabs in the Suomea Sairaalaympäristössä interface:

Here you can find lots of useful information from Study time, so you can track if you’re keeping to your 8 hours per week minimum to Topic and Content Challenge groups, which I believe are the most useful.

Study time

When selecting Study time, you will be shown a graph with your time spent studying and on which days.

When hovering over a day, you will be shown your study time in minutes, and it will tell you whether this is average, less than, or otherwise.

If you select the plus symbol, you will be shown a breakdown of your total study time, reporting how much time you’ve spent by article.

Topic and Content Challenge groups

When you select the Topic Group option, you will see this window. Go ahead and select any of the groups and the information for how many times you’ve viewed each of the articles in that group is shown below:

You can also change this to topics should you be interested in what makes up each article’s content.

Finally, if you select Content Challenge and follow the same steps, you will be presented with the results of how you rate each of the articles. This can be used to find out which articles you should review so you can have more confidence when moving onto future topics.

To make this most useful, be sure to Rate Content again afterward so that this can be kept up to date and you can accurately set goals.


There are other tools to explore, but these are the ones I’ve found the most useful. I suggest trying everything for yourself so that you can take full advantage of everything the platform has to offer! Stay curious and analyze everything.

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