Medical recruitment with a big heart

Tapio and Irja, founder of MEDI Connection with a picturesque view of Finland behind.

MEDI Connection is a family business founded in 2012 by Irja Suokas and Tapio Lahtinen. In announcing the birth of the company, Tapio and Irja highlight the breakthrough in Finnish healthcare, for example in the field of teleradiology. As healthcare sought out its operating models and structures, space also became available for smaller service providers. Irja and Tapio were interested in new opportunities.

“We decided to build our business to provide comprehensive healthcare solutions. We felt that, with our know-how, we would have something to offer the industry.” the entrepreneurs said.

One of the cornerstones of the company is the recruitment of healthcare professionals. At the heart of recruitment, Irja and Tapio highlight the importance of professionalism, commitment and a shared goal and as such that a person is more important than profit.

“Genuine, one-to-one meetings with who we recruit is one of our most important principles. During our career, we have met with many interesting personalities, from whom we have also learned a great deal.” says Irja and Tapio.

Highlights of our company history

“When we first started to offer teleradiological remote reporting for emergency services and consultation during the night in Finland, of that one can truly be proud.” says Irja.

In addition to teleradiology, a major achievement in recruiting was when the first professionals started at MEDI Connection. They noticed the potential of their work as an employer and service developer. Entrepreneurs will continually want to renew their operating models and create new services.

“It’s important for us to stay on the cutting edge.” says Tapio.

What about the future?

MEDI Connection is also up and running in the summer, and a lot of new things are coming. Recently, new partnerships have been established and AI-based diagnostics have been built for healthcare needs. Our new website has also just been launched.

“We have strengthened our operations over the last two years, where we have found a team of efficient experts in various business sectors. The good atmosphere and multi-professionalism of our work community enable continual development and meaningful work.” says Tapio.

The entrepreneurs recount the ethics of Nikomakhos as their basic principle:

“And if everyone would compete in nobility and energized themselves to do good deeds, the community would get all it needed, and each would get the greatest good for themselves, for such is virtue.”

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